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Verizon (through Lexical Llama)


Assist Verizon’s online curriculum program ‘Verizon Small Business Digital Ready’ in its journey of helping small businesses thrive with free learning resources and personalised tools by creating weekly nurture and engagement emails that promote the program and encourage users to register.


Email drip campaign (ongoing)


Each week, I create a set of emails - engagement and acquisition-based - in order to promote the program to potential users and keep current users up-to-date. I regularly carry out A/B testing with titles and subject lines to get a better idea of what kind of copy gets the most clicks and responses. I also carry out research on VSBDR’s audience to better understand their language and customer personas. 


As part of this, I also create weekly ‘update’ emails to promote new courses and coaching sessions, with tailored CTAs specific to current and potential users. My most recent email campaign included promoting VSBDR’s $10k small business grant.

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