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Create monthly blog posts to nurture and engage website users, with a focus on copywriting tips and content geared toward aspiring freelance copywriters. Fuse TCC’s signature tone of voice (creative, cheeky, and helpful) and copywriting expertise into the content.


Marketing for a content agency


Campaign (ongoing)


As part of this ongoing campaign, I create monthly blog posts - all geared towards copywriting tips and tricks (i.e., the difference between copywriting vs content writing and top copywriting examples to learn from) in order to engage and inform readers.


To emulate TCC's brand voice, I combine storytelling with a conversational and casual tone - as well as posing questions to readers' to pique their curiosity and get them directly involved in the action. My motto with blogs - particularly those like TCC's which are made to entertain and nurture - is to talk to readers, not at them. This is a core component of my copywriting style.

I also regularly perform keyword research, picking out the best search terms to amp up SEO rankings.

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