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Newsletter (ongoing)


Create a monthly newsletter on the power and science of words, targeted at TCC’s clients and prospects who are either marketers or C-suite employees in tech, SaaS, or retail companies with a turnover of £1m. Write from the founder - Konrad Sanders’ - point of view and inspire subscribers to make better-informed decisions about the kind of copy they use and how they can use words to move their audiences.


As part of this ongoing campaign, I create monthly newsletters - all designed to get subscribers thinking a little differently about the words they use in their own brand’s marketing copy. As well as sharing Konrad’s LinkedIn thoughts, I also promote existing blogs and content produced by TCC to engage and entertain. 


Konrad’s TOV is ‘cheeky, direct, and comedic’ so I tend to write more conversationally and colloquially - blending in a few expletives and dry humour into the copy (all client approved!) My main motto with Word Science is to talk to the readers, not at them. 


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