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Lilach Gradient

Hi! My name's Carolyn McMurray. I write human copy for the B2B and tech sector with a focus on blogs and long-form content.

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Some of my work is super-duper private - which means it's under lock-and-key. Want to see behind the veil, prospective client? Shoot me an email and I (might) give you the password 😁


Featured in

"Where's the proof Cary?"
- well here you go...

"Carolyn is brimming with raw natural writing talent. As a copywriting chameleon, she can adapt to any brand voice effortlessly - bringing your message to life with sparkle and polish.
She takes the time to understand your business objectives and submerge herself in your brand values and personality.
She takes and applies feedback well. She's humble. And she's also just a pleasure to work with (unlike many divaesque copywriters I've known over the years). You'd be silly not to give her services a whirl...
And I'm picky!"

Konrad Saunders

Founder & CEO

The Creative Copywriter

"We've worked with Carolyn on numerous occasions to write up training sessions we run with our community. These are used as reading material for our members or marketing for our own organisation.
I'm always amazed at how quickly she grasps a topic (that most business owners don't even understand) - and is able to translate it into copy that's readable and full of life.
She's super easy to work with too - no friction and always on time."
Daniel DanTheAgencyMan de la Cruz

Daniel "DanTheAgencyMan" de la Cruz

Founder & Chief Learner


"Carolyn performs brilliantly, producing a range of consistent, high-quality copywriting pieces at a fast pace. She is able to quickly understand concepts and has been able to switch voices and tones fluently when working with us."

Niall Trelfa

Digital Marketing Manager

Mint Creative Marketing

"Carolyn has a high-level of technical writing ability and easily adapts her style to the particular requirements of our demanding commercial clients."
fgh-modified (2).png

Nick Wright

Head of Editorial

Accelerate Agency

Let's Work Together :)

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